Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe

Unhack Your WordPress Site!

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Keep Your WordPress Site Secure!

Learn More Securing WordPress Websites From Hackers, Virsuses & Malware

Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe, Unhacked and Secure From Malware, Hackers & Viruses

Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

How do we secure WordPress websites? First we evaluate your site to make sure everything is locked down tight. We start with a scan of your files and directories to make sure permissions are correct.  We then check to make sure that your core files and plugins are all up to date and safe from future exploits. After that, we’ll set up monitoring and blocking of malicious traffic to your website.

Once that is in place, we make sure that your user authentication is set up securely so no unwanted traffic will get in. After we’ve finished, we’ll make sure that we apply any new updates quickly after they are released. We’ll continue monitoring your site for as long as you have a subscription with us. We monitor your site’s health so you can focus on more important things, and no, we don’t care where your site is hosted.

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Has your wordpress website been hacked? is on the Job

Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Having a hacked website is never fun, we’re sorry to hear that you’re in that predicament. The good news is, is here to help! We’ll get rid of any hacks on your website and once it’s fixed, we’ll secure it so future hacks are prevented. If you just want tips, and are comfortable completing the process on your own, there are many online resources available. We’ll be expanding our website to include tips and tricks in the coming months to assist in this process as well.

However, if you would prefer to have one of our professionals clean, fix, restore and secure your site, sign up for a Hack Fix below. We’ll get some information from you and once that information has been provided, we’ll get right to work. Our goal is to have your WordPress website up and running as quickly as possible!

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About The company that is going to help you unhack your website

About is owned and operated by a group of IT experts. We have deep experience with computers, website hosting, and the development industry. We have been working with WordPress since v1.0, in 2004. WordPress support, security and programming are among our daily activities that we employ to support our customers and keep their sites secure.

One of the biggest problems in the website design, development, and hosting industry, is that there is too much finger pointing. As a customer, if something goes wrong with your website, you might have the company who created your website tell you that the problem is your hosting provider. You call your hosting provider only to have them pass the blame to the company who created your website. Hacks happen indiscriminately and we’re here to make sure that we clean them up when they do. If you haven’t had your WordPress website hacked yet, we can make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

At,we understand that the only thing that matters when your site is hacked is making sure it’s up and running again, quickly.

Why we help Customers Unhack Their WordPress Websites

Why Is WordPress Security So Important?

WordPress is a popular hosting platform. How popular? Approximately 1 out of every 4 websites use WordPress as the platform for their website. This is largely because WordPress is highly customizable and has a great deal of functionality that has been developed (both free and paid). WordPress is also easy for website novices to make changes to. As a content management system, there isn’t much you can’t do with WordPress. It’s not often you find something in the programming industry that is usable by experts and novices alike. At last count, there were over 74 million WordPress websites in existence.

Being so widely used is both a blessing and a curse. While there is so much functionality available for WordPress sites, it also makes a juicy target for hackers. Many of these hackers simply send out “botnets” to check for exploits on thousands of websites a day. If your website isn’t secure and updated, eventually they’ll probe your website and that’s where your troubles begin. Why would a hacker want to pay for their own servers when they can exploit yours for free? Contact us for more information.

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